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Underblog's Occasional Rant
Friday, 7 November 2003
The Buying of Stuff That is Not For Sale
DebCentral recently posted about the mixed feelings one has about selling one's possessions on the street. It reminded me of another Nutglade story.

I was working in the bar lateish one night when a drunken woman and her date came in looking for a drink. As was usual for the bar early in our business, it was dead quiet. The pair wanted hard liquor and all we had was beer and wine. But she noticed this kitschy deer and fawn lamp on the bar, which Spouse had purchased at the McCloud flea market for a dollar.

"How much do you want for that lamp?" she slurred.

"The lamp is not for sale."

"Well, why not?"

"Well," said I "Selling our furniture is not the business we are engaged in."

"How about if I gave you twenty dollars for the lamp?"

"You want to give me twenty dollars for this lamp?" I asked.

"How about ten?" replied she.

"Twenty sounds better" I replied, quickly deciding that it wasn't worth my time to take ten for the hassle of haggling with a drunk.

"OK. Twenty dollars for the lamp."

"Let me ask my wife. It's her lamp." I picked up the phone and roused Spouse from her TV watching to tell her about the offer. She took this new and surprising information in for a few seconds then announced "Take it."

I unplugged the lamp, and took a twenty dollar bill from the drunken lady. I hope she is pleased with her purchase.

Posted by mayoreric at 9:38 AM CST

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