1378 Ashland Ave.
St. Paul, MN

Before picturesAfter pictures
View from the street
A closer look
Three quarter view from the northwest
Rear of the house
Living room looking back at coat closet, stairs up and entry vestibuleDoor found in garage with new paint scheme and crown molding.
Dining room with built-in buffetView into DR from LR, showing new colors.
Rear Bedroom aka Jill's new studio Jill's studio after a coat of paint
More kitchen
And still more kitchen
View down hall.. Bath is on the left. One bedroom is straight ahead, and two others are off to the right.
Photo taken from Jill's studio.
Built-in linen and towel closet, as seen from front right bedroom.
Colonnade from DR.
Right-hand bookcase column
DR with new paint, trim, and wallpaper.
As above.
Built-in buffet.
DR showing burlap (seagrass) wallpaper and plate rail with trim. We discovered evidence of the original design and had all this made.
Column and bookcase, looking into DR from LR. Door at right had been in garage.

See it on a map, and get directions!, but call first, OK?